Makeup primer is one of the best tricks of the trade out there. While I know it’s an “extra step”, one that seems unnecessary, trust me, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find the benefits to be worth the extra time.

First, let’s talk about what it is. It’s not a replacement for your foundation. It goes on prior to the foundation. It can be a gel, a powder, or a cream. Using the primer first allows your foundation to go on smoother, and last longer. It basically gives the foundation something to hold onto, thus it can last all day. Even in hot, humid weather. Or very dry weather. No more flaking or caking.

Makeup Primer

Using a foundation primer will help your foundation do its job. Choose the right formula for your skin needs. Try an anti-aging primer or an anti-wrinkle primer. Or, maybe your skin is oily. There are specific formulas for oily skin, too. In addition, if you have large pores, the combination of makeup primer plus foundation can minimize the visibility of those pores. Suffer from red patches? They have “green” primers, too. If acne is an issue, there are specific primers that help treat blemishes and outbreaks. Worried about the ingredients, perhaps an organic makeup primer is for you.

Which one is the best makeup primer? That’s really up to you. Try a few different formulas and brands until you find the one that works best.

To apply, simply use your fingertips to spread on the large areas of your face. You can also use a small makeup brush for small areas. But for large areas, let your fingers do the work. Just a little dab will do. You do not need to saturate the skin, just put on a thin coat. While applying, give your face a massage, too. The relaxation benefits will feel great.

Take the few extra minutes that makeup primer requires. It’s worth it.